Beldray Deep Clean Dual-Sided Detail Brushes – 3-Piece Set, Non-Slip Handle

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The Beldray Deep Clean Dual-Sided Detail Brushes provide a superior cleaning solution for every surface in your home. Designed for a variety of cleaning tasks, these brushes feature a scrubbing brush head to remove the toughest stains, a flexible oval head for cleaning in those hard-to-reach areas and versatile rubber cleaning heads for scratch-free precision cleaning. Crafted with non-slip handles, these multipurpose brushes offer complete control and added comfort whilst you clean.

  • Perfect for detailed cleaning, the Beldray Deep Clean dual-sided detail brushes are ideal for reaching into awkward corners and gaps.
  • The brushes are designed with a scrubbing brush to remove tough stains and a flexible oval brush head for hard-to-reach areas.
  • The rubber cleaning heads are designed for in-depth cleaning allowing you to scrub in smaller spaces without scratching your surfaces.
  • Offering complete control, these Beldray dual-sided brushes are designed with non-slip handles for added comfort whilst you clean.
  • Deep Clean: The Beldray Deep Clean range offers a variety of cleaning tools for ultimate precision to keep your home clean and fresh.