Beldray Laundry Set With Table Top Ironing Board 73 x 31 cm, 3 Tier

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Perfect for new homeowners or students going away to university, this set from Beldray has all the essentials for taking care of your laundry. The table top ironing board is perfect if you have limited storage space, while the 3-tier airer provides 15m of drying space. The laundry basket is fantastically easy to clean and with convenient non-slip rubber grip carry handles. The pegs are built with superb spring strength and can hold heavy items of clothing, keeping a firm grip even on windy days.

  • This laundry set from Beldray is ideal for refreshing your laundry room, or as a great quality starter set for university students.
  • Resistant to rust and moisture, the ultra grip pegs will securely hold onto laundry while avoiding stains or imprints on clothes.
  • The lightweight portable ironing board is great for travel as it folds up and has felt pads to protect the surface you have it sat on.
  • Designed to make your laundry easier, the airer has hooks which fold our giving you a convenient space to hang shirts.
  • An essential item for quick visits to the laundrette, the basket will easily fold away, taking up minimal space in the home or car.