Salter Dual Air Fryer - 7.4L

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Want to enjoy crispy fried food and still be healthy ? Then the Salter Dual Air Fryer is the perfect solution. With two 3.7L non-stick frying drawers you can independently cook different foods together. By selecting one of the 6 cooking pre-sets effortlessly air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, reheat or choose manual to set the 60 minute timer and temperature yourself! Use the Sync & Match feature to have both drawers cooking at different times and temperature but still ready at the same time. .

  • SAVE ENERGY: You can save up to 64% off your energy bills using this 2400 W air fryer, comparing the energy used per kg of chicken using a 1.8 kW electric oven.
  • 6 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Enjoy versatile cooking with one touch! Use the digital LED display to select one of the 6 cooking presets – air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate and even reheat your leftovers! There is a manual setting too so you can set the 60-minute timer and temperature to cook how you need.
  • DOUBLE COOKING DRAWERS: This family sized air fryer has a total capacity of 7.4L split between two 3.7L cooking drawers allowing you to independently cook different foods at the same time! Each drawer is removable with a stay cool handle and has a non-stick coating with cooking grill for easy cleaning.
  • SYNC AND MATCH: Want to double the portions and have them ready at the same time? Choose the Match function where the temperature and timer will be set to match. Need something to cook slightly longer? Use the Sync function to make sure food will be ready at the same time, the countdown timer will automatically turn on when the rest of your food is ready to start cooking.
  • HEALTHY OIL FREE COOKING: This air fryer uses cooks your food evenly by circulating hot air around the cooking baskets meaning you can cook with no oil if you need to and enjoy crispy and piping hot meals with the family!